Guided Self-Help for TMJD Pain

A few weeks ago I found myself wishing that we could video chat for just a few minutes with a physical therapist.

And on a regular basis I wish I could reach out for just a few minutes to a massage therapist or doctor.

In general: I wish healthcare providers were more accessible for guidance.

My wife vehemently agreed, and so did everyone else I spoke with.

Well, what’s the problem? Why doesn’t this exist?

The current landscape

There are a few PT offices online offering video chat services but are not available on-demand, or for brief self help.

It’s more common in the digital world to offer video chat assistance and coaching sessions so I leaned on their models for support.

By using the short video chat as a “lead magnet” Physical Therapists (and any other qualified provider!) can provide you with the help you need without breaking their schedule.

I don’t see anyone out there offering this type of software.

At least, not in a way that’s visible to us.

And isn’t that what matters?

Introducing Hector, the Home Help Chatbot

Using my skills as a software engineer and my background in EMS I decided to solve this problem.

I envisioned a chatbot style service that would use machine learning and artificial intelligence to:

  • respond to my queries with relevant links, articles, and videos
  • allow me to train it by saying which ones worked for me
  • anonymously match similar users to provide better suggestions for everyone
  • match me with physical therapists, or other providers, for guided self help
    • allow me to specify ones in my area for in person follow-ups if I wish
    • allow me to schedule these once, or repeating
    • anonymously match me with similar users to find the best ones for me
  • help me track symptoms, and the impact of treatments
    • send me follow ups after I’ve seen a video, read an article, done a chat, and see how I’ve adhered and how I’ve progressed
  • help us remember to do exercises, take medications, and anything else
  • show me new things that I could use

And I needed to be able to share this service to other people suffering for free.

So I built myself exactly that chatbot and named it Hector.

Hector is for providers and patients

Increased adherence rates are associated with better outcomes in patients but we all know how hard it is to stick to your regiment.

I’m not even sure we remember all the stretches she’s supposed to do.

If I could video chat with our physical therapist for 5 minutes I could get a rough outline of those exercises and maybe even double check that she’s doing it right.

That 5 minutes could mean the difference between a day full of pain and a day feeling relatively relaxed.

I can’t afford to just ‘walk-in’ to a physical therapist every time we need help.

With this kind of need, providers are clamoring to get on board.

Hector Limited Pre-Launch Beta

I am now accepting providers into the pre-launch beta program for Hector.

This program has various tiers representing the additional services the software can perform, and features they can make available to their users.

Right now I am offering huge discounts on all of my software and web services for anyone signing up to the pre-launch beta.

If you’d like your provider to sign up, direct them to this page and CC me in the email.

If they sign up I will give them a special referral discount on top of my pre-launch beta price, and send you a personalized thank you post-card.

And if you’d like me to reach out to them instead – just send me an email directly (a thing you can do at any time, by the way, my email is [email protected] and I read them all) with their info.

Any provider signing up during the pre-launch beta will get a lifetime discounted pre-launch price!

Are you a provider interested in using Hector to help your patients and to help you reach more patients?

Fill out the form below!

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