How to buy cbd oil

If it seems like I’m doing a post about CBD every single day, there’s a good reason for it.

As I’ve mentioned several times: CBD oil plays a major role in our TMJ management.

It’s actually the most reliable product we use in our home treatment for TMJ pain.

CBD interacts with cannabinoids in your body to reduce inflammation, regulate anxiety, and relieve pain.

The relief is powerful for my wife.

Between CBD and gabapentin I would say that the CBD works better for her TMJ pain.

So how do you buy CBD oil?

Read the follow up post to know what the best cbd oil products for pain are, based on our testing!

How to buy CBD oil online

There are a ton of places to buy CBD oil online with a thousand different product offerings.

Which cbd oil products you buy for TMJ depends on your pain relief goals.

How to buy CBD oil for immediate TMJ pain relief

Your pain is too bad to wait and you just need to take the edge off. Get a little relief.

You’re going to look for vapes, tinctures, salves, drops, sprays, and anything else directly absorbed by your mouth or skin.

By avoiding the digestive tract you are delivering CBD directly to your bloodstream. And if used topically, you are delivering relief directly to the area most affected by your TMJ.

CBD oil products for immediate pain relief


Tinctures, sprays, drops, other oral applications

cbd hemp oil for pain

Oral applications are taken under the tongue or in the cheeks. The CBD oil is absorbed through the skin in your mouth quickly, giving it access to your bloodstream right away.

Salves, Balms, topical applications

cbd oil for pain

Topical products are applied directly to the skin surrounding your pain. If your jaw is tight and sore, gently massaging this into your jaw, head, neck, and shoulder muscles will direct the relief to those muscles in distress.

Electronic Vaporizers

vapebright starter pack

Vaporizing is an alternative to smoking. The science is not yet conclusive, but it seems less risky than traditional inhalation methods for CBD. Upon inhalation of the vapor CBD is absorbed into the lungs via alveoli. I just like saying via alveoli.

CBD oil products for all day pain relief

You know you’re in for the long haul. Pain management is a daily lifestyle that helps you reach your goals without being hampered by TMJ.

Pick up any CBD oil product intended for ingestion. Edibles like gummy candies are incredibly popular and easy while capsules provide some of the highest concentrations of CBD oil available on the market.

Since these are absorbed through digestion they take longer to reach your bloodstream, but it acts as a time release mechanism to help relieve your pain all day.


cbd oil for pain

  • absorbed through digestion
  • most powerful all day TMJ pain relief
    • highest concentrations plus long lasting
  • effective in 1-2 hours
  • ==> We’re looking to find one we love, have any suggestions?

Where can you buy CBD oil?

Once you know how to buy CBD oil products for your TMJ it’s time to try them out and see which you like best!

I’ve spent the last year trying every CBD oil product we could get our hands on for my wife.

Along the way we’ve found hundreds of products that aren’t all they are hyped up to be.

Some gummies tasted amazing but provided no relief.

Some chews had an awkward grainy feel.

But a few companies are producing amazing high quality CBD oil products.

Where to buy CBD oil online:

  • CBD Pure
    • Our favorite tinctures on the market
    • Limited selection, amazing product
  • HempMeds
    • Great product selection, you’ll find something to love
    • Dixie Botanicals has our favorite edible and salve
  • VapeBright
    • Vapor is the fastest method of relief
    • Limited selection
    • Amazing product, our favorite vape on the market

Now that you know…

You should let me know if CBD oil is part of your TMJ pain management plan?

What types of products do you prefer, and why?

Any favorite brands?

Let’s get chatting!

P.S. If you’re still wondering which CBD oil products are right for you check out this post on the best cbd oil products for pain. I’ve broken them down based on ideal usage for you.

Questions? Comments? Leave them in the TMJ Relief Hunters Facebook Group!

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