Can a chiropractor help with TMJ?

You deserve relief from TMJ pain and no one seems to be able to give it to you.

Your friends tell you all about alternative treatments for TMJ like acupuncture and cupping as if you’ve never heard of them before.

And then someone suggests a chiropractor.

Can a chiropractor help with TMJ?

Finding a chiropractor for TMJ

Sounds like an easy win, right? Everyone knows chiropractors go to a lot of school for what they do and people do experience relief from chiropractic treatments right?


You see, chiropractors are not held to the same standards as other healthcare providers.

They are also not required to learn science and evidence based methods.

Chiropractic techniques can be effective. The research suggests that practitioners following evidence and science based techniques can provide relief for neck, back, and shoulder pain.

But when you look at criticisms of chiropractic medicine you’ll find that it’s still like the wild west. You could end up with a great chiropractor who uses evidence and science backed techniques.

can a chiropractor help with tmj

Or you could end up with a TMJ chiropractic treatment that actually makes it worse.

Your TMJ pain is bad enough. You don’t need a chiropractor to help your TMJ get worse.

You don’t need anyone to help your TMJ get worse.

TMJ chiropractic treatments can be effective to relieve pain, but they won’t prevent more and they might cause more damage.

If not a chiropractor for TMJ, then what?

You know I’m normally a fan of natural treatments for TMJ.

I am obsessed with treatments for TMJ that you can use at home safely and without doctor supervision.

I absolutely go nuts for how CBD oil is safe, natural, and incredibly effective for treating TMJ pain and symptoms.

So don’t think this is me bashing “alternative” medicine, since I wholly support alternative pain relief.

With that said: physical therapists are the properly trained versions of chiropractors.

Well, they are so much more than that.

But they are also that.

Can a chiropractor help with TMJ? Maybe.

Can a physical therapist help with TMJ? Absolutely.

A second recent systematic review that evaluated the literature on the efficacy of physical therapy interventions for TMD patients concluded that active exercise and manual mobilizations may be effective as well as postural training in combination with other TMD interventions. – Wright and North

Your physical therapist can not only help you with the manual manipulations that are safe and provide immediate relief for your TMJ but also with the exercises that help you manage your TMJ pain long term.

Chiropractic TMJ treatments do not offer the added bonus of future pain relief.

Avoid using a chiropractor for TMJ

I can’t recommend anything that isn’t science and fact based.

There are great chiropractors out there who do follow those best practices, but that’s not a requirement.

can a chiropractor help with tmj

Chiropractic TMJ treatments are, therefore, too risky for me to suggest. There is a higher risk of additional damage and a lower chance of success than with a physical therapist.

If you need help finding a physical therapist near you, use the DoctorFinder tool from the AMA.

Select “Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation” from the dropdown, choose your location and search.

If you’d like more alternative treatments learn how to buy CBD oil online. What’s CBD? Why CBD for TMJ?

Have you found a chiropractor you love that follows evidence based techniques? Have you found an amazing physical therapist? Let me know in the comments!

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