What causes TMJ to flare up?

You’re wandering along minding your own business when you notice a familiar clicking sound.

Your jaw is starting to clench and unclench and you know you’re in for a TMJ episode.

What causes TMJ to flare up?

I watch my wife like a hawk.

Just sitting and staring at her. Like a creep.

I should probably use a symptom tracker but I don’t like any on the market.

I’m watching for symptoms of a TMJ flare up so that I can take note of any possible causes.

Tracking her symptoms helps us calculate risks and rewards much more accurately.

So I know what causes TMJ to flare up for her.

Common causes of TMJ flare ups:

  • Diet

    • This is probably our number two self-inflicted problem. Beef jerky is delicious but we know that if her jaw is already mildly irritated she might be in for more pain than it’s worth. Of course, sometimes she chooses to eat it anyways.
  • Posture

    • This is her major issue, and where her physical therapist focuses most of his time. Her back, neck, and shoulders all sit misaligned in her normal posture. She needs to keep building posture muscles, and if I see her slouching I know she’s either about to have a flare up or in the middle of one.
  • Injury

    • This is rare for her, but any injury to the body can impact your TMJ. If you hurt your back carrying something it can pull on shoulder muscles, neck muscles, and eventually your jaw.
  • Weather

    • We all know someone who complains about their knees when it rains. I am that person. That’s because changes in external pressure can impact inflammation within the body. A drop in air pressure means an increase in inflammation, which is one of the causes of TMJ pain.
  • Stress and Mental Health Issues

    • Stress makes people clench their jaw. My wife is a clencher. I can hear her grind her teeth all night when she’s stressed. Grinding like that causes major TMJ flare ups.
  • Physical Health Issues

    • TMJ can be caused by arthritis or disc displacement. If these are the cause you can experience flare ups just from the normal process of those issues.

Track your symptoms

There are a thousand different symptom tracker tools and applications available.

You can even use a pad and pen.

Use them.

You need to understand your TMJ and its causes. You need to know what causes TMJ to flare up for you.

Every jaw is unique. Knowing what causes TMJ to flare up in yours will help you live your best life.

Imagine not having to wonder too much about whether to eat that jerky.

Imagine knowing, really knowing, that if you don’t sit up straight now you’ll be in for a night of pain.

Having that kind of knowledge at your fingertips is powerful when you’re trying to build your dream life.

What causes TMJ to flare up is unique

So pay attention to yours.

Track your symptoms. Track your days. Understand your pain.

Understanding what causes TMJ to flare up is a major step on the road to living your dream life.

And I’m here to help you live your dream life.

Are you experiencing a TMJ flare up right now? Check out my 3-step guide to reducing pain during a TMJ episode and then jump over to our home treatment for TMJ pain.

They are packed with the exact steps we use to help my wife get back to living despite TMJ pain.

Questions? Have a symptom tracker that I should check out? What’s your strategy? Leave it all in the comments!

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