Can TMJ cause neck pain?

It feels like someone is punching you in the face. Right in the jaw. You know what this is.

It’s your TMJ.

But now your neck and shoulders hurt too.

Can TMJ cause neck pain?

TMJ and neck pain

TMJ can absolutely cause neck and shoulder pain. The link between your TMJ and neck pain is in the muscles.can tmj cause neck pain

If you look at a chart of the muscles in the face, neck, and shoulders you will see that they are all interconnected tightly.

As an example: the Masseter and the Platysma overlap and the Platysma reaches past the clavicle.

That means tightness in your facial muscles can put extra pressure on muscles in the neck and shoulder.

This causes your other muscles to overcompensate for this tugging.

Neck pain is even listed in the common symptoms for TMJ at WebMD.

Pain or tenderness in your face, jaw joint area, neck and shoulders… – WebMD

My wife is frequently complaining of a stiff neck and shoulder pain due to her TMJ. That’s why I’ve worked on our 3 step plan to reduce pain during a tmj episode and my ultimate home treatment for tmj.

This link between TMJ and neck pain is why I frequently recommend massage as a home treatment for TMJ pain.

A stiff neck and shoulder pain are common symptoms of TMJ

Along with all of the other things you have to worry about: TMJ can cause a stiff neck and shoulder pain.

If you’re currently experiencing a stiff neck and shoulder pain you can help yourself fast by following our home treatment for TMJ pain.

Do you have neck pain with your TMJ? Tell me about it in the comments!

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